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9 March 2022
We revisit one of the core theses of the show and expand on it in a new way, leading us to ponder just what a wild ride the next eight years are going to be.
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  • John Carmack asks why Wine isn’t good enough — I truly do feel that emulation of some sort is a proper technical direction for gaming on Linux. It is obviously pragmatic in the range of possible support, but it shouldn’t have the technical stigma that it does. There really isn’t much of anything special that a native port does – we still make OpenGL calls, winsock is just BSD sockets, windows threads become pthreads, and the translation of input and audio interfaces don’t make much difference (XInput and Xaudio2 are good APIs!). A good shim layer should have far less impact on performance than the variability in driver quality.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting East Coast Meetup — Let’s hang out at the park across the street from Prime BBQ.
  • After NVIDIA, Hacker Group Lapsus$ Targets Samsung — Global tech and electronics major Samsung became the latest target of the South America-based cyber extortion group Lapsus$. The hacker group leaked sensitive proprietary information, including source codes, for various device and online operations a week after it leaked 19 GB of data stolen from NVIDIA. Lapsus$’s has hinted that its next big target could be Vodafone, Impresa, or MercadoLibre/MercadoPago.
  • Samsung confirms hackers stole Galaxy devices source code
  • Hackers Who Broke Into NVIDIA’s Network Leak DLSS Source Code Online
  • [Ransomware Group Threatens To Leak “Nvidia’s Most Closely Guarded” Secrets]( “Ransomware Group Threatens To Leak “Nvidia’s Most Closely Guarded” Secrets”) — “We request that Nvidia commits to completely open source their graphics processing unit drivers for Windows, MacOS, and Linux from now on and forever,” the ransomware group said in a statement. Should the company not acquiesce to the request, Lapsus will “release the complete silicon, graphics, and computer chipset files for all recent Nvidia graphics processing units.”
  • Russia to Legalize Software Piracy — Against the backdrop of sanctions gaining momentum, Russian authorities are urgently preparing support measures, among which is being discussed the suspension of criminal and administrative liability for use of pirated software “from countries supporting sanctions”. Such a step could temporarily soften the exit from Russia of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and others, say experts. But, they warn, a large part of significant software from those companies is sold on subscription, which means access to them will be blocked in any event.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator’s cloud debut comes with upsides for devs — Microsoft is releasing an API for developers interested in building cloud-native games with Xbox Cloud Gaming capabilities in mind.


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