Automated Chaos | LINUX Unplugged 457

8 May 2022
Each of us brings a secret topic to the show, and we discover a common theme about using the wrong tool for the right job.
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  • New NASA Black Hole Sonifications with a Remix — In some ways, this sonification is unlike any other done before because it revisits the actual sound waves discovered in data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. The popular misconception that there is no sound in space originates with the fact that most of space is essentially a vacuum, providing no medium for sound waves to propagate through. A galaxy cluster, on the other hand, has copious amounts of gas that envelop the hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within it, providing a medium for the sound waves to travel.
  • LXD vs Docker — System containers (as run by LXD) are similar to virtual or physical machines. They run a full operating system inside them, you can run any type of workload, and you manage them exactly as you would a virtual or a physical machine.
  • LXD 5.0 LTS is now available
  • [LXD 5.1 has been released](LXD 5.1 has been released)
  • pylxd — Python module for LXD
  • Manage LXD instances — Ansible Documentation
  • Try Infrastructure as Code eBook from Linode
  • [Learning Ansible Basics - Red Hat](Learning Ansible Basics - Red Hat) — Ansible is an open source IT automation engine that automates provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, orchestration, and many other IT processes.
  • Installing Ansible on Ubuntu
  • Ansible 101 - Ansible for Beginners
  • [Ansible 101 - Standards](Ansible 101 - Standards) — This blog provides a list of the common standards or best practices to live by when writing Ansible code. This is an unofficial list of standards based on my personal experience with hundreds of customers and my own development practices I have used over the years.
  • Tips and tricks — Ansible Documentation
  • Jeff Gerrling - Ansible 101 Youtube Series — Ansible 101 is a live YouTube streaming video series that I started in March, 2020, to help people level-up their automation skills by learning Ansible during the global coronavirus pandemic. While everyone is isolated at home, this series brought people together to learn a valuable new skill.
  • Should we use NixOS as our Cloud and Local Server OS? | Poll Results
  • Pick: lyrebird — 🦜 Simple and powerful voice changer for Linux, written in GTK 3.
  • nix-autobahn — This simple shell script collection allows you to download ELF binaries and use them right away!
  • Mic92/nix-ld — Run unpatched dynamic binaries on NixOS.


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