Tag: automation

Ask Alice | Coder Radio 435

13 October 2021

Mike just launched the secret project he's been working on for months and shares all the details.

Better Living Through Bots | Coder Radio 399

3 February 2021

Microsoft is working on a bot that can deepfake you real good, and we have thoughts.

The Grey Havens | Coder Radio 375

16 September 2019

We say goodbye to the show by taking a look back at a few of our favorite moments and reflect on how much has changed in the past seven years.

3 OSes 1 GPU | Coder Radio 357

13 May 2019

Microsoft catches Mike’s eye with WSL 2, Google gets everyone's attention with their new push for Kotlin, and we get a full eGPU report.

Dependency Dangers | Coder Radio 348

11 March 2019

Mike has salvaged a success story from the dumpster fire of the Google+ shutdown, and Wes shares his grief about brittle and repetitive unit tests.