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Technical Guardians of the Galaxy | Coder Radio 471

22 June 2022

Mike's hitting the road to solve his old man's PC woes; Chris channels his early inner 80s and some Google AI conspiracy bacon.

Make it so, Dev One! | Coder Radio 470

15 June 2022

You can't judge a book by its cover, and this week we surprised each other when we dug into the HP Dev One. Plus some insights on remote virtual dev desktops and the gotcha's from WWDC we missed.

The Problem with WWDC | Coder Radio 469

8 June 2022

We jump aboard Hair Force One and are a bit let down. We get into why. Plus Mike's first impressions of the HP Dev One laptop.

Coding to Make It | Coder Radio 468

1 June 2022

What's old is new again, but we're not buying it this time. It's developer conference season, and we're hunting vaporware.

No More Snake Mustaches | Coder Radio 467

25 May 2022

Soon there will be no shame in that snake game, the big trend that is not our friend, and Microsoft reinvents the widget.

Luxury Emotional Manipulation | Coder Radio 466

18 May 2022

Why Mike feels like Heroku is in a failed state, what drove us crazy about Google I/O this year, how Chris botched something super important, and some serious Python love sprinkled throughout.

Linux Action News | Linux Action News 240

11 May 2022

NVIDIA has announced its plans for an open-source GPU driver. Christian Schaller, the Director for Desktop, Graphics, Infotainment and more at Red Hat, gives us the inside scoop on this historic announcement.

Mike's Magic Mom | Coder Radio 465

11 May 2022

After solving a moral dilemma in our particular kind of way, Mike dishes on some ambitious plans that might kick off a new era of development for him.

Mike's Magic Mom | Coder Radio 465

10 May 2022

After solving a moral dilemma in our particular kind of way, Mike dishes on some ambitious plans that might kick off a new era of development for him.

Automated Chaos | LINUX Unplugged 457

8 May 2022

Each of us brings a secret topic to the show, and we discover a common theme about using the wrong tool for the right job.

Our Cuban Car Moment | Coder Radio 464

4 May 2022

Mike shares a tale involving a comedy of errors, and we ponder a new reusable culture around tech.

Our Cuban Car Moment | Coder Radio 464

4 May 2022

Mike shares a tale involving a comedy of errors, and we ponder a new reusable culture around tech.

You Git What You Pay For | Coder Radio 463

27 April 2022

Mike battles the onslaught of yet another bout with the plague. At the same time, we react live to Elon buying Twitter, Gitlab kicking off some free accounts, and we discover Google and Apple are working together again to pull the rug on app developers.

Account Suspenders | Coder Radio 462

20 April 2022

We get a bit gleeful over some choice tech monopoly hypocrisy and then spicy with our 18-month outlook.

Easy for Schmidt to Say | Coder Radio 461

13 April 2022

We revel in the hypocrisy of big tech, share a few stories, and catch up with an old friend.

Request Out of Time | Coder Radio 460

6 April 2022

We crack open the time capsule and see how our spicy takes hold up.

Revolution in Review | Coder Radio 459

30 March 2022

We just watched Revolution OS before the show, so we reflect on the audacity of their vision and the new revolution we see brewing.

No Sideloading in this House | Coder Radio 458

23 March 2022

Apple enters full panic mode over sideloading, and our plan to push back against industry-wide consolidation kicks off.

Rich Clownshow Services | Coder Radio 457

16 March 2022

Our take on big tech's return to office, AT&T's RCS boondoggle, and the concerning territory tech is racing towards.

Linux CEO | Coder Radio 456

9 March 2022

We revisit one of the core theses of the show and expand on it in a new way, leading us to ponder just what a wild ride the next eight years are going to be.

One Revision Away | Coder Radio 455

2 March 2022

Mike and Chris eat some crow as they change their tune on a recent spicy take.

No Quest for the Wicked | Coder Radio 454

23 February 2022

Mike has some huge news and busted wifi, Chris spent a weekend in the Metaverse, and why Microsoft has us both upset.

International Boomer Marooners | Coder Radio 453

16 February 2022

After reminiscing about .Net's 20th birthday, Mike and Chris air IBM's hypocritically dirty laundry and marvel at Microsoft's 3D chess moves.

Shockingly Pragmatic | Coder Radio 452

9 February 2022

Mike makes a shocking admission, and Chris wishes he had a time machine.

The Trouble with Tablets | Coder Radio 451

2 February 2022

Microsoft's cold war with Apple is revealed in court filings this week, and Google thinks they've got the next hit on their hands, which sounds a lot like the old hit.

MetaWave | Coder Radio 450

26 January 2022

The audience hits us in the face with some hard truths, and then we dig into Microsoft's fox-like moves to snatch up Activision Blizzard on "the cheap."

Monetized Misery | Coder Radio 449

19 January 2022

Emboldened by his success, Mike takes a victory lap. Little does he know it's all virtual.

Fakers and Takers | Coder Radio 448

12 January 2022

Was he justified? Our thoughts on the dev who corrupted libraries in NPM for millions of users with his political statement about free software.

All Roads Lead to Clippy | Coder Radio 447

5 January 2022

Mike has a significant moment of clarity and sets out on a new path for 2022. Meanwhile, Chris is just happy to be out of the woods.

Blizzard Battery Battle | Coder Radio 446

29 December 2021

Mike finds a new normal and doubles down on what works. Chris meanwhile is stranded in the woods and is having a bit of a panic.

Say No to Node | Coder Radio 445

22 December 2021

We're both impressed by Rails 7 and how an old foe got us down again.

Mining the Logs | Coder Radio 444

15 December 2021

The broader software problem the Log4Shell vulnerability reveals, and the story of how Chris lit his Coder robe on fire... While wearing it.

Reptilian Power Play | Coder Radio 443

8 December 2021

We peak in on one of the nastiest corporate moves in a while, and Chris has a big confession.

Touched by the Bar | Coder Radio 442

1 December 2021

Mike visits Pallet Town and comes back with some SQLAlchemy performance wisdom to share. Meanwhile, struggling with a lack of performance, Chris has kicked the tires of his new M1 Max MacBook Pro and is ready to share his counter-narrative take on the new hardware.

Dependency Derby | Coder Radio 441

24 November 2021

Are Linux devs getting upset with the Python community? We weigh in on a nuanced issue. Plus the mass-moderator resignation over at Rust, and Mike's thoughts on setting up a dev environment on Windows 11.

Just Say No to M1 | Coder Radio 440

17 November 2021

We get some spicy emails, dig into why Mike just picked up another Linux laptop, and then share our real thoughts on Web3.

Github NoPilot | Coder Radio 439

10 November 2021

Microsoft has a bunch of new goodies for developers, but Mike is becoming more and more concerned about an insidious new feature.

The Oppenheimer Problem | Coder Radio 438

3 November 2021

After a little async Ruby chat and developer morality struggle, Chris explains how macOS Monterey has lapped Linux with a critical workstation feature.

Microsoft War Stories | Coder Radio 437

27 October 2021

Chatting about the week's .NET news leads us into a blue-tinted tale of woe. When Microsoft taketh, they also giveth. But is it enough?

The Diablo is in the Details | Coder Radio 436

20 October 2021

Why mastering your development environment can be a tricky feat, and a server outage brought to you by the late 1990s.

Ask Alice | Coder Radio 435

13 October 2021

Mike just launched the secret project he's been working on for months and shares all the details.

Coding Gungan Style | Coder Radio 434

6 October 2021

It's final push time on a big project for Mike, but Chris is the one who is exhausted. But we've got some new insights into testing and thoughts on an emerging category of developer.

Falling for FastAPI | Coder Radio 433

29 September 2021

Mike's falling in love with FastAPI and gives us a hint at the next project he's building.

That Time We Stepped In It | Coder Radio 432

22 September 2021

We’ve really had a week, one of those makes ya feel old kinda weeks.

Success is not Illegal | Coder Radio 431

15 September 2021

The more you read into it, the worse it gets. At least we have new devices to keep us happy.

Steamy PostgreSQL Shower | Coder Radio 430

8 September 2021

We are coming in hot, literally. It's a day of spicy takes.

Apple Fools Everyone | Coder Radio 429

1 September 2021

Recent reports would have you believe Apple has made significant concessions to developers. Don't be fooled! We read between the lines and break down what is and what is not changing.

Epic's Receipts | Coder Radio 428

25 August 2021

Things are worse than we ever thought, but that doesn't prevent us from taking a victory lap.

Second-Class Desktop | Coder Radio 427

18 August 2021

Chris makes a big mistake on the road, and Mike drops some reality-based sage wisdom.

The Thoughtful Triangle | Coder Radio 426

11 August 2021

Is there a secret motive behind Apple's announced plans to scan iMessage and iCloud Photo Library content?

Ruby in the Rough | Coder Radio 425

4 August 2021

Big promises are being made in Ruby land, but will they take hold? Plus, Tech Crunch says Open Source is dead, why we couldn’t disagree more.

Denial of DOS | Coder Radio 424

28 July 2021

Mike shares his adventures coding while riding Amtrak, Chris is trying to get DOS running while he still can, and many of you wrote in sharing your concern for GNOME.

Dead Desktop Disco | Coder Radio 423

21 July 2021

Has Microsoft figured out a way to invalidate the GPL? We're skeptical.

Don't Code in Bed | Coder Radio 422

14 July 2021

It seems AI isn't replacing developers just yet, and why we think you shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Misdirected Request | Coder Radio 421

7 July 2021

Has Google already started its decline? Our surprising take.

You Can't Sideload Happiness | Coder Radio 420

1 July 2021

Mike's got some strong feels about his new system, and Chris spent a week with Windows 11. And that's not even scratching the surface. It's a wild one, with some hard truths, so buckle up.

Authentication Timeout | Coder Radio 419

23 June 2021

Big Tech's punishment train has been en route for years, but now that it's almost arrived, are we getting onboard?

I'm a Teapot | Coder Radio 418

16 June 2021

We get a bit skeptical about Stripe Identity, how it works, and precisely why we don't like some of their privacy trade-offs.

Why Would Developers Care? | Coder Radio 417

9 June 2021

Our takes on the important bits from Apple's WWDC 2021 keynote and State of the Union.

Strange Voltron of Hell | Coder Radio 416

2 June 2021

Mike's unique take on the bold promises made at MS Build this year, and the one item he REALLY wants announced at WWDC next week.

Keyboard Kurious | Coder Radio 415

26 May 2021

We both fall for a new fancy keyboard; then we get philosophical about free software's never-ending quest to conquer mobile.

Google I/NO | Coder Radio 414

19 May 2021

After Chris gets a reality check from Mike, the guys answer some emails and admit a cold hard truth.

Painpoints to Profits | Coder Radio 413

12 May 2021

Chris struggles with his nature, while Mike shares some sage developer advice that everyone should hear before using a platform like AWS.

Context in Comprehension | Coder Radio 412

5 May 2021

From adventures in learning, a recipe for great collaborations, to creativity and problem-solving in tech. It's a deep dive chat with Wes Payne.

The Misadventures of Mad Mikhail | Coder Radio 411

28 April 2021

Mike has a few stories to share, but more importantly a very hard lesson he's going to make damn sure you learn.

M1 has a Dirty Little Secret | Coder Radio 410

21 April 2021

Our thoughts on the hardware Apple announced this week, and if any of it is suitable for professional workloads.

Conflict | Coder Radio 409

14 April 2021

We visit an alternate reality where Epic wins in their fight against Apple, COBOL reigns supreme, and the halls of great Jedi Temple are lined with Object-C developers.

Request Timeout | Coder Radio 408

7 April 2021

After a decade long fight, no one feels like a winner.

Halls of Glowing Apples | Coder Radio 407

31 March 2021

Ruby has gone off the rails this week, and Wes is here to explain what’s happened.

Functional Sadism | Coder Radio 406

24 March 2021

Some sage developer wisdom is overshadowed by Mike's mad stonk game, while Chris worries Apple's secret M1 tricks charming Linux users.

Method Not Allowed | Coder Radio 405

17 March 2021

Mike goes straight for the attack and hits Chris where it hurts, then it's problem-solving time.

Not Found | Coder Radio 404

10 March 2021

Mike reveals his secret project to Chris, who has several probing questions.

Forbidden | Coder Radio 403

3 March 2021

After we pine about the way things used to be, Mike shares why he is developing a fondness for C++.

Payment Required | Coder Radio 402

24 February 2021

We open the robe and share some vintage career origin stories.

Unauthorized | Coder Radio 401

17 February 2021

Mike crosses over to report back from the other side, and Chris is along for the ride.

Bad Request | Coder Radio 400

10 February 2021

After reflecting on more than 8 years of the show, we get into solving problems and taking names.

Better Living Through Bots | Coder Radio 399

3 February 2021

Microsoft is working on a bot that can deepfake you real good, and we have thoughts.

Testing the Test | Coder Radio 398

27 January 2021

The guys can't help but laugh when they hear the test tests one well-known online giant is testing. You might say they get a bit testy.

Electron Ennui | Coder Radio 397

20 January 2021

Is performance the ultimate requirement? What amount of compromise are we comfortable with?

Everyone Fools Around with Linux in College | Coder Radio 396

13 January 2021

Mike and Chris discuss the recent JetBrains FUD and ponder the impact of recent AWS policy enforcement.

50 Shades of M1 | Coder Radio 395

6 January 2021

Their lives change forever when they meet a handsome, tormented, laptop.

SaaS is a Blast | Coder Radio 394

30 December 2020

Services and subscriptions get a bad wrap, so we flip the script and talk about the ones we're grateful to pay for.

The Snake in the Room | Coder Radio 393

23 December 2020

Mike details his favorite python tools and his tricks for performance concerns.

Seduced by The Snake | Coder Radio 392

16 December 2020

Mike recalls how he accidentally converted his development shop into a Python house, and Chris experiments with his Minimum Viable Robe.

Coder In the Woods | Coder Radio 391

9 December 2020

Time to talk business, and Chris reveals his biggest mistake since going independent.

The Gold Rust | Coder Radio 390

2 December 2020

After we geek out about keyboards, we answer some feedback and take a dip in the Rust lust.

Smoked Laptops | Coder Radio 389

25 November 2020

Mike buys a laptop live on air while Chris worries about the turkey.

MacOS Lincoler | Coder Radio 388

18 November 2020

The guys deploy their sage wisdom to answer your age-old questions and solve why the latest macOS is less appealing than ever to developers.

ARMed & Dangerous | Coder Radio 387

11 November 2020

Our first reactions to Apple's ARM event, how these new systems will impact developers, and if we're buying one.

i386 | Coder Radio 386

4 November 2020

Chris attempts a Lizard intervention and gets sucked into Mike's Green tinted data center paradise.

Edging the Fox | Coder Radio 385

28 October 2020

Microsoft is making aggressive moves to court more and more developers. We put on our analyst hats and lay out the hard cold truth.

Leaping Lizard People | Coder Radio 384

21 October 2020

It's confession hour on the podcast, and your hosts surprise each other with several twists and turns.

Java Justice | Coder Radio 383

13 October 2020

We have a different take on the Oracle v. Google case that may usher in an API copyright doom! Or so they say...

Hacktoberbust | Coder Radio 382

6 October 2020

We examine the deeper problems in Open Source development the recent Hacktoberfest drama has exposed.

Flamewar Feedback Frenzy | Coder Radio 381

30 September 2020

We provoked quite a response and cover the feedback that puts us in our place. Then we dive into the wild era of text editor of yore and solve an age-old question.

Developer Unfriendly | Coder Radio 380

23 September 2020

We get nerdy about Blueprints, and then wary about the future of software distribution.

Neckbeards Get Shaved | Coder Radio 379

16 September 2020

Is it a Post-Open Source world now that the mega-clouds are here? We share our thoughts on this renewed idea.

Rust, Safe for Marketing | Coder Radio 378

9 September 2020

A special friend of the show joins us to discuss C++ in 2020 and the growing adoption of Rust.

An Epic Underdog | Coder Radio 377

2 September 2020

GitHub just made a major behind-the-scenes upgrade, and we chew on some of the impressive details.

WESA BACK! | Coder Radio 376

25 August 2020

We reboot the show to capture Mike's love of coupons and update you on what we have been up to recently since the show's fake demise.

Old Man Embraces Cloud | Coder Radio 369

5 August 2019

Chris finally gets excited about Docker just as Wes tells him it’s time to learn something new.

Objectively Old | Coder Radio 365

8 July 2019

Wes turns back the clock and explores the message passing mania of writing Objective-C without a Mac, and we wax-poetic about programming language history.

Find Your Off-Ramp | Coder Radio 363

24 June 2019

We take on the issues of burnout, work communication culture, and keeping everything in balance.

It Crashes Better | Coder Radio 362

17 June 2019

It's a Coder three-way as Chris checks-in with an eGPU update, and Mike shares his adventures with ReasonML.

Batteries are Leaking | Coder Radio 358

20 May 2019

A strong argument against Python’s batteries included model exposes some bigger problems the community is struggling with.

3 OSes 1 GPU | Coder Radio 357

13 May 2019

Microsoft catches Mike’s eye with WSL 2, Google gets everyone's attention with their new push for Kotlin, and we get a full eGPU report.

Self Driving Disaster | Coder Radio 352

9 April 2019

Mike’s away so Chris joins Wes to discuss running your workstation from RAM, the disappointing realities of self driving cars, and handling the ups and downs of critical feedback.

Serverless Squabbles | Coder Radio 346

26 February 2019

The three of us debate when to go full serverless, and if ditching servers is worth the cost.

F# Envy | Coder Radio 345

19 February 2019

The guys discuss the real last bastion of scratch your own itch, and debate the merits of recent C# functional programing fads that are transforming the language.

Cupertino's King Makers | Coder Radio 344

12 February 2019

The gangs all together and cover your poignant feedback right out of the gate. Then we jump into the psychological trap of freelancing, and imagine a world where app stores are a true level playing field.

One Week at a Time | Coder Radio 339

7 January 2019

Mike’s just had the talk, and now it's time to make some changes. Including admitting he was wrong about Swift.

sleep(jesus); | Coder Radio 338

1 January 2019

Don’t call them resolutions, lets just call them reasonable goals. Mike and Chris share their plans for 2019’s ground work, and why every single thing is fair game.

2018's Deal Channels | Coder Radio 337

27 December 2018

The guys drink some Liquid Christmas Tree and reflect on the major trends of 2018, and the stuff they are preemptively freaking out about for 2019.

It's The Culture Stupid | Coder Radio 336

18 December 2018

Chris is back from his trip to Denver to tour System76’s factory, and what he discovered while he was there was the last thing he was expecting.

Everyone’s Going Chrome | Coder Radio 335

11 December 2018

Estimates can be a very tricky thing to get right, but their vitally important. Peter Kretzman joins us to make it all a bit easier and clearer.

Time Crisis | Coder Radio 334

9 December 2018

Mike and Chris don’t claim to have a time machine, but they still have a major problem to solve.

Space Gray Handcuffs | Coder Radio 333

27 November 2018

iPad Pro is a great machine for people that don’t want to get too much work done.

Before Coder | Coder Radio 332

7 November 2018

We answer how Chris and Mike started in independent contracting, and the lessons changes they’d make with some perspective of time.

Blue Is The New Red | Coder Radio 331

30 October 2018

We react to the news that IBM is buying Red Hat, cover some feedback that sets us straight, and are pleasantly surprised by Qt Design Studio.

Vinny's Unit Tests | Coder Radio 330

23 October 2018

What’s the future of .NET? With .NET Core growing and the future of the orginal .NET seems uncertain. Chris and Mike suspect there is clear possibility.

OpenJDK or Death | Coder Radio 329

15 October 2018

Azure Sphere dev kits are shipping, and we take a look at the practicalities of getting setup to start developing.

In Testing We Trust | Coder Radio 328

8 October 2018

Mike makes his case for realism when it comes to automated testing, and a readjustment of expectations in the wider community.

Smoked Laptops | Coder Radio 327

1 October 2018

Mike is the extreme laptop killer, with a tale you’ll have to hear to believe. With only a few short hours left on a deadline, it was 24 hours of chaos.

I'm a Stakeholder Now | Coder Radio 326

24 September 2018

After catching up the guys dig into the “why” Jupiter Broadcasting sold to Linux Academy, the big shift Chris is seeing, and why the timing was critical.

Rage Against The Beer | Coder Radio 324

31 August 2018

Mike and Chris have a strong reaction to beer from Utah, and then get into the weeds around Mike’s new gear, the situation with Qt, and a few new tools they’ve recently found.

Reacting to React Native | Coder Radio 323

30 August 2018

After digging into some feedback, we react to the big upset in the world of React Native.

Not so Qt | Coder Radio 322

14 August 2018

Mike's adventures with Qt land him on Windows 10 this week battling DLL hell. He shares the latest developments in his attempt to build his next app with Qt.

Qt & Me | Coder Radio 321

6 August 2018

Mike shares more first impressions of Qt, the surprising places we’ve found QML in the wild, and why or why not to use Qt.

The Big Bezos | Coder Radio 320

2 August 2018

Mike’s ordered a surprise new rig, Chris is getting particular, and do a first impressions of Qt Creator.

Nadella Stamp | Coder Radio 319

31 July 2018

After we happily avoid the recent MacBook scandals, we deep dive into hardware for a bit.. And then pull it out with a overview of Microsoft Async/await pattern.

Losing the Anaconda | Coder Radio 318

17 July 2018

We ruminate on Python’s founder stepping down, and ponder if it was inevitable.

A Chat with Uno | Coder Radio 317

11 July 2018

The Uno platform recently got our attention, and Jérôme from the project joins us to explain a few things, and have a frank discussion about what they've gotten right, that others have missed.

When Clouds Go Dark | Coder Radio 316

5 July 2018

Mike discovers a new open source project that promises a free UWP Bridge for iOS, Android and WebAssembly. We kick the tires and share our first thoughts.

Chicken Farmers | Coder Radio 315

2 July 2018

Tech companies are taking over cities and becoming more powerful than some nations. Is there a moral stand developers inside these huge corporations should be taking? Or is the shift to a chicken farmer economy truly best for all?

Microsoft's Electron Future | Coder Radio 314

26 June 2018

Mike's got a dream, and it's a dream where Microsoft saves us from Electron. Now historically speaking, he's been wrong every single time. But this week we'll make the case why we all need to collective pull for his vision.

GitLab’s CEO | Coder Radio 313

15 June 2018

We chat with GitLab’s CEO and co-founder Sid Sijbrandij, about the GitLab model, the changes they’ve made since Microsoft purchased GitHub, his thoughts on that acquisition, and his compelling case for 100% remote work.

Git with Microsoft | Coder Radio 312

5 June 2018

Microsoft is buying GitHub, Apple just kicked off WWDC 2018, and we've got a packed show!

Google AI For The Win | Coder Radio 311

28 May 2018

After a bit of CoffeeScript reminiscing we get down to data and design.And discuss why the bot market has collapsed, and how Google is running the table in AI.

ECMATakeover | Coder Radio 310

21 May 2018

The future is JavaScript and Mike’s seen the way. Plus we answer a listener's questions about career changes, discuss the week’s hoopla, and share a cautionary tale.

Best of Both Worlds | Coder Radio 309

14 May 2018

We get fired up about cloud lock-in, and attempt to find some common ground.

The Nicheing Down Fallacy | Coder Radio 308

7 May 2018

Focusing on a niche can catastrophically backfire when the market shifts, and Mike goes into full reviewer mode!

System.Evolution | Coder Radio 307

3 May 2018

Mike and Chris have a workflow hangover, hit rock bottom, and bounce back with a new understanding.

Progressive Webbie Things | Coder Radio 306

30 April 2018

The death of desktop apps has reached the next stage, but the long transition to WebAssembly is going to hurt.

Perpetual Beta Tester | Coder Radio 305

16 April 2018

We revisit IBM’s total dominance over the PC industry in the early 80s, how they got there, and how we can apply the IBM model to current events.

No Bad Guys Only Survivors | Coder Radio 304

9 April 2018

What we can learn from Mike’s first business failing in 2014?

Weapons of Mass Data | Coder Radio 303

2 April 2018

What is focus for the software industry? And is focus always a good thing, or can it lead to tunnel vision?

Staring into Sun | Coder Radio 302

29 March 2018

Sun Microsystems was fertile ground for what might be the largest developer upset in ten years.

Being David | Coder Radio 301

19 March 2018

Mike and Chris find themselves at similar forks in the road with their business. And they both share raw observations from the front lines of some hard choices.

Developers Rule the World | Coder Radio 300

15 March 2018

We have witnessed a massive shift of power. And it’s been happening right under developers noses. From the slowly won battle for control of the server, to Amazon’s to control over the Internet.

Mike’s Wishlist | Coder Radio 299

5 March 2018

Chris is on the road & Mike’s been reflecting. Plus we answer some of your questions, which snowball into some much larger discussions. Then Mike’s made a list & he’s checking it twice.

Niche Busters | Coder Radio 298

3 March 2018

Mike’s back from a conference in New York & to say he’s got a few things on his mind is putting it mildly. Strap in as we rip through myths, lies & salesmen.

Lunch Break Coder | Coder Radio 297

19 February 2018

Mike may have cracked the testing pitch, the harsh reason the Junior Developer is dying & a nice batch of audience questions and follow up. This week’s Coder Radio is just like mom’s cookin', but with a taste of Kotlin.

Chris Goes to Microsoft | Coder Radio 296

12 February 2018

Why the hell did Microsoft open source PowerShell Core, .Net Core, Visual Studio Code? What could possibly be in it for them? Chris goes onsite to ask & figure out their angle. Plus the massive leaps Kotlin seems to be making & more!

Green Fairies In Green Fields | Coder Radio 295

5 February 2018

Mike's got a Greenfield project he’s fired up & a tale of woes to go along with it. Chris inspires a mini-revolt over the weekend & both the guys have some remarks for the week’s Hoopla.

Escape Pod Machine | Coder Radio 294

29 January 2018

A special live on location edition of the show, we talk new gear, workflows & how developers can turn a bad situation around.

The PowerShell Play | Coder Radio 293

22 January 2018

Mike and Chris review predictions from years past & check on how well they’ve aged. Plus we take a look at Microsoft’s big picture strategy with .Net & now PowerShell for every system.

Lint or Lament | Coder Radio 292

17 January 2018

Code linting is a way to increase code quality & Mike’s standardized his team on one tool. He shares what they’re doing, why they’re doing it & the impact it has made. Plus the brutal life cycle of JavaScript, the death of microservices & more!

Hey Google | Coder Radio 291

8 January 2018

After a great batch of feedback we make some bold predictions for 2018, and it’s not your dad’s crystal ball this year.

The Last Coder | Coder Radio 290

1 January 2018

Mike lays it all out for 2017 and makes the case that the small independent development model is fundamentally doomed. We spend the last Coder of the year being very honest about what hasn't worked in our businesses & more!

Apple Payday | Coder Radio 289

22 December 2017

Mike’s spent a week with JavaScript, Apple has a big gift & that launching a new product glow. Plus Linux’s new fight, Amazon’s big wins & the things that have really gone to hell.

Mike’s New Ride | Coder Radio 288

18 December 2017

Microsoft makes one of their boldest moves into OSS yet, Mike’s got new wheels and turns it into a chance to reflect on building for voice interfaces, Amazon’s got a new way for devs to make money & we continue to ponder the best ways to achieve CI bliss.

You Need a Barb | Coder Radio 287

11 December 2017

Mike shares some recent lessons he’s learned trying to scale his team, some tools they tried & the processes that have stuck. But first we kick it off with some of your feedback, a bit of Hoopla & wrap it up with a quick touch on hardware.

Collateral User Damage | Coder Radio 286

8 December 2017

A new breed of platform wars is brewing, and developers and users are on the losing side more than ever. Plus Mike updates us on his recent NYC trip, a batch of your feedback, an app pick & more!

Windows 10, The Best Linux Yet? | Coder Radio 285

28 November 2017

Mike’s big Black Friday hardware score, the guys try out a little Windows 10 challenge for their workflow & walk away a bit humbled. But first Mike shares his late night session with JavaScript & the big change he’s making & more!

Popping WebAssembly Hype | Coder Radio 284

20 November 2017

Mike gets real about the future of WebAssembly, discuss the team up of Amazon and Microsoft, the real cost of Javascript & the iOS revolt underway. Plus we share the open source projects we’re most thankful for this year.

Back From the DevFest | Coder Radio 283

16 November 2017

Mike’s back from DevFest & shares something new he’s discovered, Kotlin takes a shot at Objective-C & we can all code together, with Atom’s new trick. Note: There is some rough “skype audio” at times. Totally listenable still & should be better next week

Ice Age | Coder Radio 282

6 November 2017

Mike makes the case that he and Chris are dying breeds from a bygone era that need to hunker down & prepare for the cold winter. Plus we respond to a batch of great feedback, chat some contested hoopla & wrap it all up with a bit of small business wisdom.

Selling the FLOSS | Coder Radio 281

30 October 2017

Mike and Chris accept the fundamental problem in sticking with boring & safe platforms, debate building a brand around FLOSS, get burned by Angular & reflect on some regrets in our business. Plus SQL’s new hype, some feedback & a project pick of the week!

Mike Was Right | Coder Radio 280

23 October 2017

Mike walks us through Optionals & gives us a specific code example. Plus we launch a new segment long in the making, “Mike Was Right” & it’s a doozy!

Evolving Software Development | Coder Radio 279

17 October 2017

Kotlin seems to have a very strong future on Android & Mike and Chris debate the hype vs reality. Plus Mike review’s his new Galago Pro. Then the guys get rather excited by an astute breakdown of developer workflow breakdowns & more!

A New Kit for Home | Coder Radio 278

9 October 2017

After a ninja dance though some “Coder Hoopla” Chris has a go at convincing Mike he might be missing the next big app goldmine.

Elixir of My Soul | Coder Radio 277

7 October 2017

Wes is back to talk politics and Node.js. Plus, we discuss the purity of native development & the merits of the Web. Then Mike's got some top IT automation tips for managers, we explore concurrency, distributed systems & Elixir's secret sauce.

Bite of the AR Apple | Coder Radio 276

5 October 2017

Wes joins Mike to chat all things Apple. We discuss the surprising implications of the iPhone X & the exciting possibilities of ARKit. Plus, we debate FaceID and APFS, check in on HomeKit & search for the right level of abstraction for UI development.

Reacting To React | Coder Radio 275

29 September 2017

While Chris is away Wes joins Mike to chat FOSS Burnout & the dark side of open source communities. Plus, we continue to react to React's recent license change, debate about the Virtual DOM & explain why React Native's license might be more important.

No Love for Open Source | Coder Radio 274

18 September 2017

What’s really the root cause of open source developer burnout? Plus an honest chat about Electron’s bad parts & Mike finally reveals his master plan. It’s a Coder quickie this week, with Mike back in Florida there is much to be done.

A Hurricane of Feedback | Coder Radio 273

11 September 2017

Mike takes refuge from Irma to respond to audience feedback & share some thoughts on future plans. Chris has some thoughts on hardware that will help you get more work done & neither of us are worrying about Bash on Windows.

The State of Stateless | Coder Radio 272

31 August 2017

Mike & Chris discuss the types of workloads that better suit Serverless Architecture systems like Lambda & when you should roll a server. Plus Mike has major hardware woes, makes a surprising move on air & Chris is left pontificating on the future of AR.

The Future is Serverless | Coder Radio 271

28 August 2017

The serverless revolution is nigh, we discuss AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, rebuilding jbot, basing the business computers around Pop!_OS & more!

Daily Stand Up Myth | Coder Radio 270

17 August 2017

Mike busts the myth of the daily standup meeting & tracks it to its origins. Then we play a little defense for Electron, share the mind of a PMO & wax on about TypeScript. Plus a little taste of Mike’s busy week, an update on Alice & Chris’ upcoming trip.

Clustered Pi | Coder Radio 269

10 August 2017

A special guest and creator of PiCluster joins us to discuss the open source Docker cluster management project. We’ll dig into the tecg they use and what it's all built on, what they love working with, some of our personal projects that are brewing & more

Ask Alice | Coder Radio 268

3 August 2017

Mike has a huge announcement towards the end of the show. Leading up to it we discuss the case against Kotlin, the next tech after Flash to die & the obvious reason Bots are going to be big.

Skills to Pay the Bills | Coder Radio 267

27 July 2017

We solve some problems, and then go down the rat hole of self hacking to increase work, productivity & our health. Then we gleefully watch as Coding Bootcamps begin to collapse. Plus Mike shares some straightforward code that solved an annoying problem

Mike the Botter | Coder Radio 266

20 July 2017

Wes sits down with Mike to talk about Starbucks not-so-secret API, the state of the developer ecosystem & difficult challenges faced by FOSS vendors in the medical field. Plus some fantastic feedback, Mike's true feelings about Swift & a whole lot more!

Rented Windows Theory | Coder Radio 265

13 July 2017

Microsoft slips a little Windows 10 into your Office365 & we discuss the huge shift they just pulled off, plus a little real talk about growing pains and doldrums & the pains of over building a system. Plus your feedback & much more!

Toxic Licensing | Coder Radio 264

6 July 2017

Mike updates on spinning up his business in Florida, we debate limiting the use of the GPL & we try to understand the recent System76 Pop!_OS news. Plus the industry is going all in on AI & Mike discusses the huge potential issue that could be facing.

The Guilty Bug | Coder Radio 263

30 June 2017

We ponder the ethical dilemma of a developer who has replaced himself with a bot, debate the possibility of ever making money from bots & have some tough love for Apple. Plus discuss System76’s new Pop!_OS & Mike’s adventures in Florida.

Summer of GitHub | Coder Radio 262

22 June 2017

We discuss the week’s developer hoopla & the beard joins us to share his insights. It's a fun episode with a range of topics, including the recent rush to GitHub by a number of open source projects.

Basic Bot | Coder Radio 261

15 June 2017

Mike shares some insights into building bots & a little sample code to get you started. Plus we discuss the week’s developer news & spend a bit of time on feedback.

The WWDC17 Episode | Coder Radio 260

8 June 2017

After Mike gets a few things off his chest, we dive into the most developer relevant announcements & news from Apple’s WWDC 2017.

Hi-Tech Lady Tubes | Coder Radio 259

1 June 2017

The open source model has won, we discuss the impact that’s having on the development industry. Plus Swift gets a little more interesting, & Chris is ready for his lady in a tube!

Bad Process SIGKILLs | Coder Radio 258

25 May 2017

The “process manager from hell” is driving our listener crazy! Then we discuss the slow demolition of the culture of youth taking place in tech. Plus Microsoft’s huge Git commit, Quick Designer in Qt Creator 4.3 & some follow up on Kotlin.

Kotlin, Swiftly | Coder Radio 257

19 May 2017

Mike argues you should go hybrid today & end up progressive tomorrow. The Docker reality & why Swift is a bit like Kotlin. Speaking of Kotlin we chat a bit about the Google I/O news, Project Treble, Xamarin’s Live Player & Mike’s new rig.

Legalize Math | Coder Radio 256

8 May 2017

Getting fined for doing math without a license, Windows 10 S goes app store only, a Coder community project goes into production & Chris learns a hard lesson about his tools!

Moby’s Logs | Coder Radio 255

1 May 2017

After digging into some rather tempting Hoopla, Mike shares his clever solution to one of Docker’s bigger problems & manages to motivate Chris into trying it out during the show. Plus thoughts on continuing your coding education & more!

Riding the Whale | Coder Radio 254

24 April 2017

Mike is betting big on Docker, Angular has a new release, JavaScript is taking the lead & Uber is playing with fire. It’s a packed episode & wraps up with the bombshell that Mike is selling his new MacBook.

4k of Sin | Coder Radio 253

17 April 2017

Habitat promises full automation that travels with app. But is this a layer of abstraction too far for Mike? Plus the chronicles of one developer's journey getting started with Open Source, some cool dark matter development Chris spotted at Dell & more!

DysFunctional | Coder Radio 252

14 April 2017

Wes joins to chat about the merits (or not!) of Electron, Mike’s week from hell & their true feelings about Javascript. Then they discuss Clojurescript, React Native, & the benefits of a more functional programming style. Plus Docker, Devops & more!

Roadshow Special | Coder Radio 251

11 April 2017

Tune in for a special road edition of the show! Mike & Chris cover feedback, share their worst hire stories, eat Apple crow & debate the end of the exodus. Plus Chris shares topical experiences from his Dell trip, Jonny’s feeling the hero rage & more!

Captivated by Containers | Coder Radio 250

27 March 2017

Mike’s got a new testing pipeline & he’s fired up and ready to go. He shares what might be a game changer for his business. Plus we discuss the damage done by “Coding Heroes”, the value of a namespace, a handy tool & more!

Just Some Tools | Coder Radio 249

20 March 2017

Mike’s new client has some strict requirements so we get very practical about the tools we use, compromises made & the line we won’t cross.

Some WebAssembly Required | Coder Radio 248

13 March 2017

We follow up on WebAssembly, it’s not just the future, it’s already here & it might be great! Plus C# 7’s release gets us thinking & Canonical’s got us ranting.

Always Be Coding | Coder Radio 247

6 March 2017

Why coding everyday makes a big difference for Mike & Chris reflects on keeping momentum to prevent project rot. Plus our first look at Java 9, hopes & fears of Web Assembly & more!

Mozilla's Pocket Pick | Coder Radio 246

27 February 2017

Our C++ alternatives quest for embedded continues, taking another look at Visual Studio Code, Mozilla’s big pockets & saving the web with Qt Quick. Plus Mike’s war story, great feedback & more!

Java Rusts Over | Coder Radio 245

20 February 2017

Rust has a busy 2017 ahead of it, Mike ponders Java’s failure on small Internet of Things & searches for a C++ alternative, then dazzles us with the new gear he’s recently picked up.

Still Playing Mono | Coder Radio 244

13 February 2017

Mike reports back from his recent travels, we debate the renaissance .Net & solve all of future Mike’s problems.

iPad Shrinkage | Coder Radio 243

6 February 2017

The fear of productivity loss & the crazy things we do to avoid it, a sober look at the tablet market for developers, GitLab’s recent disaster & we bring it all home with a little time travel.

Cowboy Code | Coder Radio 242

2 February 2017

The tools we use to do the job, Microservices Gone Wrong, the real problem with TypeScript & more!

Tricks of the Trade | Coder Radio 241

23 January 2017

Your emails this week get us discussing & sharing some really hard learned lessons & insights. Plus Mike spends the weekend preparing to shame Chris & shares a favorite book pick

Disillusioned NixBeards | Coder Radio 240

16 January 2017

Mike and Chris start things off with some traditional feedback, get into some Dart discussion & then get into the hardware throw down.

Living in a Clamshell | Coder Radio 239

9 January 2017

After we answer some audience feedback and chat about the week’s Hoopla & a fresh batch of Coder Radio 2017 predictions!

Undockered | Coder Radio 238

5 January 2017

Mike’s got three wishes for the new year, Chris has a new Echo Dot & Google has partnerships to put Assistant in your TV. Plus why Mike got rid of his office, GitHub’s near term future & how terrible code gets written by sane people.

Shuffling Code | Coder Radio 237

26 December 2016

We've given the guys the week off after a year of hard work, so we'll take a look back at a series of events where the guys ended up realigning their opinions. From hybrid vs native apps & developing on linux to Pokémon & Bots, a lot changed in 2016!

Refactoring 2016 | Coder Radio 236

19 December 2016

We reflect on the trainwreck that was 2016 & what might be emerging in 2017 as a real market opportunity. It's our last live show of the year, so we throw out the rules!

Okay Google, Take Over the World | Coder Radio 235

12 December 2016

Mike reviews his Google Home and we discuss Google Actions, Fitbit buying Pebble & the usefulness of some of these products. Plus Mike adopts a new philosophy about remote workers!

Legend Of The Snow Leopard | Coder Radio 234

5 December 2016

Mike shares his swift migration pain from over the weekend & opens up a bar in the office in honor of his new Google Home.

Stalker Box | Coder Radio 233

28 November 2016

Mike reviews the state of hybrid development in the last days of 2016 & chat about his new Google Home and what he’s looking forward to testing. Plus a quick chat about ethics in coding.

Minimal Functional Product | Coder Radio 232

21 November 2016

Mike is back from vacation has somethings on his mind he shares this week. Hardware follow up, customer management for devs, book recommendations & more!

Scrum Burger | Coder Radio 231

14 November 2016

We ponder why Docker is a dumpster fire, doubt Samsung’s new Ai Bot platform, discover Botkit & discuss killing the Scrum.

Microsoft’s Public Shame | Coder Radio 230

7 November 2016

Ballmer is trying to pin it all on Bill, MacBook follow up & Lemur struggles.

Old Men Yell at Macbooks | Coder Radio 229

31 October 2016

Let's get real about the tools we use this week.

A Lemur Eats an Apple | Coder Radio 228

24 October 2016

Mike betting on server side bots & AI, making the big jump from the MacBook to a System76 Lemur running Linux. We talk about the platform development opportunities for a small shop. Plus how to design APIs that don’t suck & more!

Everybody's Keyboard Fighting | Coder Radio 227

17 October 2016

The Dash debacle gets the full Coder this week & Mike’s got a new sweet keyboard he tells us all about. Plus how it feels to learn Javascript in a React world & more!

Coder Profiling | Coder Radio 226

10 October 2016

We flunk and debunk the Joel test, and ponder the long tail of coder interviews gone wrong, Apple's removal of Dash, KDevelop on windows & more!

The ROI of Things | Coder Radio 225

3 October 2016

Mike & Chris share hard earned lessons for the first time about the expected value in the effort we put into our various next great ideas, marketing, attending conferences & whatever “networking” is suppose to be.

Vaporware on the Server | Coder Radio 224

26 September 2016

The growing case for Swift on the server & Java 8’s underplayed success are the two main topics this week. We also discuss Dart on Android & some platform fundamentals with renewed vigor!

Get Swifty | Coder Radio 223

19 September 2016

Mike & Chris travel interdimensionally to discuss the pressure to get Swifty, marvel at, witness the fall of Eclipse & the rise of Microsoft. Plus our super quick take on the iPhone 7 & more!

Rusty Support | Coder Radio 222

12 September 2016

The world's most egregious gadget sin is committed, why Mike still wants Star Trek gadgets, a Rust divorce, learning the fragile state of state & more!

Bag of jQuery | Coder Radio 221

5 September 2016

The guys daydream about making the perfect developer platform & grouse about Mike’s new Note getting recalled. Plus our speculation about the September 7th Apple event, what old unmaintained code says about you, clearing the air on Angular v2 & more!

Docker Dumpster Fire | Coder Radio 220

29 August 2016

Docker quality appears to be getting worse, Mike & Chris analyze the mystery of Docker’s decline & likely causes. Plus we discuss the possibility of an AI monopoly, moving fasting & looking for a web-framework matchmaker.

Dollar Store Quality | Coder Radio 219

22 August 2016

Mike and Chris share their experiences with selling yourself just enough to get your foot in the door. Is productizing yourself and your work is worth feeling a little slimy? Plus Microsoft’s move in open sourcing PowerShell, the fixed bid scam & more!

Agile Scapegoat | Coder Radio 218

15 August 2016

Fresh off new Agile courses Mike shares what he feels might be his core problems with Agile software development. Our thoughts on software quality in general, the big slack problem & more!

Botpocalypse Now | Coder Radio 217

8 August 2016

Special guest Ryan Sipes from Mycroft joins us to discuss his projects & fulfilling the mission of an open source project. Plus our thoughts on the bot revolution, the “Internet of APIs” it depends on & the shift that bots could cause in the industry.

Mismatch Patterns in Productivity | Coder Radio 216

1 August 2016

Mike & Chris rip up the thinking behind iPad-only is the new desktop Linux mantra, discuss the date of LaunchKit, announce a new coding challenge & much more!

Real Life on the Ratel | Coder Radio 215

25 July 2016

Mike shares his recent Linux switch experience & why he thinks it might stick this time. We chew on Verizon buying Yahoo & the grief Marissa Mayer is getting. Plus we congratulate the winner of last week’s challenge & announce the next one!

Make Coding Great Again | Coder Radio 214

18 July 2016

Mike reflects on some critical feedback, shares impressions of his new Linux PC, we announce the new Coding Challenge & more!

PokéCode | Coder Radio 213

11 July 2016

Nintendo has a hit on their hands, is this a game changer for the company? Mike & Chris discuss the big picture ramifications of Pokémon GO. Plus beer brewed by bots, our thoughts on Java EE, Spring Boot & getting PHP to really do what you want.

Derailing Java | Coder Radio 212

4 July 2016

This week Noah steps in to host while Chris is out and cover Rails 5, Oracle’s suspicious silence around Java EE, talk about mike’s latest linux adventure, give some freelancing advice & more!

Ai Theater | Coder Radio 211

27 June 2016

What is Machine Learning? How are companies & developers using it? We discuss that, the major approaches in the market & Apple’s use of Differential Privacy. Plus Mike’s new Linux desktop, some feedback & a lot more!

Productivity Theater | Coder Radio 210

21 June 2016

It’s death by a thousand scrums this week & then admit there may be some value in frequent project communication. Then we start the machine learning discussion, talk a little Android N & more!

WWDC Hypercap | Coder Radio 209

13 June 2016

We start with some developer news of the week, then dig into the best bits from WWDC. Plus Mike shares his thoughts on some new hardware & the guys discuss the mystery of differential privacy.

Fair-use Frustrations | Coder Radio 208

6 June 2016

Mike & Chris have very different opinions on how interview tests should be conducted. Plus the real reasons to develop software on Linux are not the ones often cited, bit more on Google’s fair use & the master plan to get Mike to move to the west coast.

Too Big to Fail | Coder Radio 207

30 May 2016

Mike shares a humbling war story, the great “Android Instant App Conspiracy”, the announcement that destroyed the .Net ecosystem & the poverty trap of software development. Plus some closing thoughts on Google vs Oracle, a neat tool of the week & more!

Fat Bottom APIs | Coder Radio 206

23 May 2016

We dig through the relevant bits of Google I/O, the possible anti-web move Instant Apps represent, no Kotlin & big improvements we’re excited about. Plus Mike’s take on Android Studio 2.2 & Chris’ take on what we’re all calling “services”.

Git off the Rails | Coder Radio 205

16 May 2016

Github’s new pricing has a bit of a catch, Rob Robinson says Rails is yesterday’s software in light of Swift & GO. Which we simply have to talk about. Then we jump in our time machine and dazzle you with our new term predictions & more!

Revenge of the Swift | Coder Radio 204

9 May 2016

In a podcast far far away, you asked for it & this week we delivered. It’s code review time, with a twist! Plus the second Oracle v Google trial, we attempting to do some busting, Dropbox falling back to reality & 30 years later why we still love QBasic

Go Go Golang | Coder Radio 203

2 May 2016

A little reflective & contemplative, our hosts reflect on a well stated OO vs Functional rant, the bot frameworks that impress & the surprisingly great use case for Go. Plus the 800 pound snake in the room, a quick Linux switch update for Mike & more!

GO Swift Yourself | Coder Radio 202

25 April 2016

Could Google be about to make a major shake up in future development for Android? We discuss the scuttlebut about Swift on Android. Plus Mike’s new mobile rig & Noah from LAS joins for Mike’s update on his Linux Adventure & Mike gets the hard sell.

Tough Market | Coder Radio 201

18 April 2016

In this episode, Noah joins Chris to talk about the whole hiring process & experiences they've had while also taking a look back into the past of the show to some of the more interesting topics on the matter.

Bot Your Life | Coder Radio 200

11 April 2016

Has the whole world gotten hot for bots? Slack’s recent $3.8B & Microsoft’s new Bot SDK suggests there’s interest there. Mike and Chris share their thoughts & ask what makes a bot…. A bot? Plus the surprising math that makes us shed a tear & more!

The Good Xamaritan | Coder Radio 199

4 April 2016

Fresh off Build 2016, we talk about everything from free Xamarian, Bash on Windows & the changing case for .NET. Plus Mike shares some assumption smashing news & much more!

Brave New Code | Coder Radio 198

28 March 2016

Is Google dumping to compete with Nuance as they prepare to unleash their voice API to developers for free? Mike updates us on his Linux switch adventure, his new toy & a couple of important PSAs. Plus feedback & more!

Rails Crazies React | Coder Radio 197

21 March 2016

We discuss Mike’s thoughts on ReactJS, the NY bill that would provide a tax credit for OSS contributions & the interesting details in dev data. Plus some real talk about your real value, what no indie developer wants to hear about the App Store & more!

Hybrid Hijinks | Coder Radio 196

14 March 2016

Dscussing Hybrid development ha a big elephant in the room. This week, we give this elephant the mic. Then, reflecting on a recent Android development project, the guys discuss the sticky side of Frames. Plus an update on Mike's Ubuntu experiment & more!

The Xamarin Hand | Coder Radio 195

7 March 2016

We break down what we see as the top motivations, the big competitive move & what Microsoft is really saying about Android with their Xamarin acquisition. Plus Microsoft releases SQL server for Linux & we discuss how it all fits together in a larger plan

Xamarin through the Ages | Coder Radio 194

1 March 2016

Mike couldn't make it this week, so we decided that with Microsoft purchasing Xamarin that this would be the perfect time to take a glance back on our coverage of Xamarin & look at how they have come to their current situation

Big Blue's Swift Move | Coder Radio 193

22 February 2016

Mike shares his adventures in Ubuntu land this week, after a MacBook disaster. Then we discuss the implications of IBM backing Swift on their cloud. Plus some feedback, code as speech, and more!

Post Apocalyptic Linux Desktop | Coder Radio 192

15 February 2016

Mike and Chris talk about bombing job interviews, picking the right Android device for development, writing code that’s easy to delete & Mike shares an Ubuntu update! Plus… Has the show forgotten about VR? Some feedback & much more!

Parsing Your Options | Coder Radio 191

8 February 2016

Something is rotten at GitHub. We discuss the big problem they're facing & why for most of us, we already have a backup plan. Plus why Project Rider might get you excited & how the Parse shutdown is hitting Mike.

Death of the Freelancer | Coder Radio 190

1 February 2016

A brutally honest episode. Mike and Chris air some hard learned lessons, toss out the episode playbook & tell it like it is!

I'm OOPting Out | Coder Radio 189

25 January 2016

We discuss a compelling case against Object-Oriented programming, is it truly all bad? Plus the cold chills the new Rails Doctrine gives us, the long-term ramifications of progress over stability & convention vs configuration strategy & more!

Bug or Feature? | Coder Radio 188

18 January 2016

Ang and Mike discuss business operational tools, practices & common issues, how Ang got her kids started on computers, good languages to get started with & she makes a poignant comment about Linux. Mike discusses TarDisk & whether he recommends it & more!

Slacking while Coding | Coder Radio 187

11 January 2016

Is the age of Apps finally coming to an end? Data points to yes & we discuss how platforms like Slack might offer more potential. Then, more web developers are switching to Linux, this may be the start of a trend & more!

Native vs Hybrid | Coder Radio 186

4 January 2016

Can Web standards make mobile apps obsolete? The new generation of hybrid apps aren't your grandparents solution to code once, run everywhere. Plus why Swift is going to be big on Linux in 2016, Google has a thing with openJDK & much more!

Predictive Coder | Coder Radio 185

28 December 2015

When you look back at the year, a few really big things jump out for developers. Mike & Chris discuss the trends that seem to have really mattered, then debate about how things might change in 2016.

Mike’s Big Year | Coder Radio 184

21 December 2015

As we gear up for our end of year episode, we look back at a few moments in 2015 that we loved. From big news, new directions & industry trends that reflected into our personal lives. It’s a very special edition of Coder Radio!

Android Instability | Coder Radio 183

14 December 2015

The Pixel C is the perfect example of a compromised device thanks to Google’s Strategy Tax. We cover Mike’s plans are as an Android dev & why the long-term picture might be rosy. Plus some iPad Pro follow up, the reality of the “pro tablet” market & more!

Open Season on Swift | Coder Radio 182

7 December 2015

Ballmer calls out Microsoft’s bogus revenue numbers over Azure, & we expand on his point to discuss an overall trend towards “hero CEOs”. The open sourcing of Swift, what Apple got really right & what areas still really need improvement & more!

Code a Little Deeper | Coder Radio 181

30 November 2015

Mike shares his open source picks for 2015 & why they are a real game changer for him. Then we read through a few submissions by the audience & then discuss Microsoft’s huge new PowerApps initiative. Plus some feedback that cuts deep & more!

Barkeep, Ionic, Please | Coder Radio 180

23 November 2015

Mike has a big announcement! Plus why Chris is a bit offended by the idea of Swift on the server, Microsoft delivers on the open source goods & a few quick gift ideas for anyone who wants to focus.

I Came, I Saw, Ionic | Coder Radio 179

16 November 2015

Microsoft kills a major Windows development initiative & becomes one of the top contributors to Go. Mike has a new love & gets a bit ironic about Ionic. Plus some great feedback & we bask in the dawn of the age of utility.

Windows XP of the Net | Coder Radio 178

9 November 2015

Is open source software immoral in some market conditions? The guys debate. Plus Google’s impressive new open source project, standing while you work is going out of style & how to adapt to the changing need of your users gracefully & more!

Coder Puppy Mills | Coder Radio 177

2 November 2015

Mike & Chris discuss the hard problem of identifying opportunity costs vs staying flexible and cheap & why making communication a priority is almost never a priority. Plus when to ship, and why testing can really make Mike testy, your feedback & more!

Material Matters | Coder Radio 176

26 October 2015

The guys admit there is a growing amount of evidence pointing to going your own way. What the Linux desktop has finally gotten right, why Mike is ready to can his wearable project. Plus a Android BuildConfig pro tip, feedback & more!

What The Zuck! | Coder Radio 175

19 October 2015

Well known devs are trying out risky and bold methods to fund development, but are they really all that practical? A popular app is using a dirty trick to stay in the background and consume battery. We ponder why it hasn’t been shut down already & more!

Below the Surface | Coder Radio 174

12 October 2015

The cultural challenges of living too far out of a “tech hotzone” hit home today. And our reactions and lessons learned from LastPass selling & if Microsoft has nailed convergence. Plus a quick chat about Chef & more!

Sun Setting on Java | Coder Radio 173

5 October 2015

A really simple mistake that many of us have made in the past, led to the Patreon hack. We discuss the situation & the bigger picture. Plus our take on the rumors that Oracle is planning the “obsolescence” of Java.

Advertising Cold War | Coder Radio 172

28 September 2015

Mike and Chris discuss malware getting injected into unsuspecting developers apps. Then the advertising cold war that’s brewing, how it impacts users, content creators & developers. Also our top three must haves before you sign any dev work contract.

Coder Craftsmen | Coder Radio 171

18 September 2015

Mike shares his excitement for Ionic, an advanced HTML5 hybrid mobile app Framework. Then Chris asks if the tools used to make the product, as long as the end result is good, really matter?

Apple Strokes The Tip | Coder Radio 170

14 September 2015

Is the new iPad a capable developer machine? We discuss 3D Touch, the impact on developers, the release of the iPad Pro & some quick tips for finding a local development job.

Subscription Lock-in | Coder Radio 169

4 September 2015

With Mike’s move to Florida in progress he joins us via phone for a run through of the major JetBrains subscription hoopla, transitioning from a tester to a developer & that big poaching scandal comes to an expensive close!

Template Driven Design | Coder Radio 168

24 August 2015

Is Amazon another paradise of brogrammer culture? We have reason to suspect the recent reports may be overblown. Then meet Gigster, the VC backed service that wants to commoditize development.

The Price Isn't Right | Coder Radio 167

14 August 2015

Devs are excited by Google’s announcement that Android will support Vulkan. We explain & why Mike is a bit skeptical. Has iPad peaked? Is it worth creating anything but consumption based apps for tablets? Plus Apple’s 30% cut, feedback & more!

Hamburger Non-Helper | Coder Radio 166

10 August 2015

The big debate over today’s biggest UI compromise comes to life, Microsoft open sources its iOS-apps-on-Windows compatibility layer, the process of evaluating a new language, plus a book recommendation & more!

.Net or .Not? | Coder Radio 165

3 August 2015

Still smarting from his burn, Mike shares his hard learned lessons after flying too close to the sun. What really pushes us to move to the next big thing & becoming and staying employable by focusing on the right market.

Conditional Swift Justice | Coder Radio 164

27 July 2015

Mike argues why the web will be the default platform, we debate if third party mobile platforms should be written off, Ionic Framework impressions & Chris has a few surprises to announce. Plus why a slightly functional world isn't a bad thing & more!

Proprietary Stress Management | Coder Radio 163

20 July 2015

A special edition of Coder Radio that dives into the darker side of start ups, the practicality of building super portable apps, the wear advantage & NASA’s top 10 coding commandments. Plus Noah from the Linux Action Show joins us & more!

Wandering in the Woods | Coder Radio 162

13 July 2015

We look at the tough spot developers are finding themselves in, the huge changes in backend infrastructure over the years, some Swift surprises & the big topics Mike’s been chewing on during his “down time”.

Good Guy Mike | Coder Radio 161

6 July 2015

Mike is recovering from a weekend you wouldn't believe. Plus we revisit the web vs native topic with a vengeance & discuss the sun-setting of ActiveX.

Developer Commodity | Coder Radio 160

29 June 2015

How willing is Apple to leverage it’s devs to make a public statement? We look at the response to the confederate flag pullings & debate if gatekeepers puts developers best interests first. Plus was the perfect laptop built a decade ago, feedback & more!

Hipster Tendencies | Coder Radio 159

22 June 2015

Mike makes the case for Chris’ slide into hipsterhood & Chris responds in kind. We also discuss the massive LLVM advantage Apple is leveraging. Plus we reflect on the most important skill in software development, read some emails & more!

Privileged Programmers | Coder Radio 158

15 June 2015

Mike and Chris share their totally different perspective on the recent Yelp developer’s exodus & discuss the new industry trend developers need to take advantage of. Then after 158 episodes, Mike’s mission in life is realized during our feedback segment.

Ahoy, El Capitan! | Coder Radio 157

8 June 2015

We recap and also compare & contrast WWDC 2015 with Google I/O 2015. Which new platform features stand out, which miss the target & what’ll really move the needle this year. Plus a quick update on Mike’s new company, Chris’ wear inspired surprise & more!

You're Gitting it Wrong | Coder Radio 156

1 June 2015

Mike takes a victory lap as we discuss the big announcements from Google I/O. Then we get into a heated discussion around how GitHub should be used vs how most people use it. Plus some great feedback, Mike & Chris share some bold predictions & more!

Google's Brillo Pad | Coder Radio 155

25 May 2015

Google may be planning to scrub the grime away from the Internet of Things devices with a new OS designed for low resources. We debate over Google’s rumored Brillo OS. Plus Mike ponders switching to BSD, Google Play services in a library & more

Chrome Took My Memory! | Coder Radio 154

22 May 2015

Mike shares his recent experience developing Chrome apps & we debate if Chrome platform tax is costing users a decent browser. Plus what we’d like to see announced next for Android and iOS & the big problems those features would solve for developers.

Bearded Buzzwords | Coder Radio 153

11 May 2015

Electron could be the Adobe Air we all hoped for. But is it all hype? We debate Electron’s potential & review Visual Studio Code which is built on-top of Electron. Has Agile become a failure? We discuss what can lead to a failed Agile setup & more!

The Open Pivot | Coder Radio 152

4 May 2015

Mike and Chris reflect on Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference & discuss the shift to open industry wide. Mike also announces his new business with a focus on open source. Plus we discuss Visual Studio Code a bit, bad app ports, & more!

Compromising Virtual Clouds | Coder Radio 151

27 April 2015

Is Microsoft confusing the container market & blowing the implementation? Plus Apple gets caught rejecting Pebble compatible apps, we may have finally found the perfect Linux dev laptop & much more!

Interview Gauntlets of Pain | Coder Radio 150

20 April 2015

Mike's thinking about making the big switch, a J.O.B., but the interview process has been a nightmare. He shares his perspective after sitting out of the race for a while. Plus how Google convinced their engineers to become managers, your feedback & more

The Sociopath Code | Coder Radio 149

13 April 2015

We discuss the top stories submitted by the audience this week. From the ultimate bridge burn to Stack Overflow’s developer survey & being ok with a little sociopathy.

Magical Contract Bids | Coder Radio 148

6 April 2015

Mike had a dream & that dream didn’t work out. Today we discuss how fixed contracts lead to fixed death & with perfect hindsight we debate what we might have done differently. Plus some great feedback, a little nostalgia & more!

The Sonic Philosophy | Coder Radio 147

30 March 2015

Transitions in life comes in many forms, work, relationships, gadgets. How we deal with the process of transition is key. Plus a bit about GitHub’s ongoing DDoS, switching from PHP to Ruby & a new contender for the perfect Linux dev rig.

Open Source as a Trap | Coder Radio 146

23 March 2015

It’s a special open mic edition of Coder Radio. We discuss the complex reasons behind Microsoft’s choice to open source MSBuild, the quest for the perfect Linux laptop continues & why, oh why, oh why HTML5 has a place. Plus emails & more!

Why Mike's Disgusted by Android | Coder Radio 145

16 March 2015

Chris shares what he’s loving about Android from a users perspective & Mike goes into what is driving him crazy from a developer's standpoint. Plus redefining DevOps, starting a multi-user database & more!

Apple Future vs Pebble Past | Coder Radio 144

9 March 2015

We revisit some of the audience's favorite editors, then discuss terrible engineers. Then Chris spends time with a smartwatch & believes he’s discovered their purpose. We examine the audience for smartwatch apps in light of the Apple Watch announcement.

Not My Problem | Coder Radio 143

2 March 2015

The guys picture working a 9-5 job. If the security of a 9-5 paycheck is a myth, is it really just not having to worry about all the little things that’s appealing? Plus how merit based hiring may get out of control & making documentation a bit less evil

Accounts Percievable | Coder Radio 142

23 February 2015

Mike and Chris start the show by sharing some hard learned advice, and discussing the events of the last two weeks. Then we touch on SuperFish, Ubuntu Touch, and more!

Retro Extravaganza | Coder Radio 141

16 February 2015

Join us as we hop in our time machine and revisit some past topics on the coder radio program.

NOde | Coder Radio 140

9 February 2015

Can’t we all just settle down & focus? Mike’s just about had it with javascript framework madness. Plus could Microsoft be uniquely positioned to take advantage of the eventual die off of some frameworks?

Windows in the Pi | Coder Radio 139

2 February 2015

Mike is stuck in a train, stuck in the snow. So it’s an open call edition, with some great discussion around Microsoft’s investment in Cyanogen & the pitch for Python. Plus a robust chat about the new Raspberry Pi 2 & it’s ability to run Windows 10.

Deploy Like an Animal | Coder Radio 138

26 January 2015

It’s a tip show edition of Coder Radio. Mike shares a great way to get some Heroku features without the bill. Plus the annoying honeymoon period, your feedback & more!

Monumental Android Failure | Coder Radio 137

19 January 2015

Well known developers have recently gone public with how much they make & where they make it from. Mike & Chris chew on the numbers & discuss the raw reality. Plus great feedback on Chris’ first development language & more!

Ruby is not Perl | Coder Radio 136

12 January 2015

Chris shares what’s prevented him from getting started with development & shares the three languages that are at the top of his list to try. Plus we get passionate after some feedback to the Mac Exodus topic & more!

Macs Exodus | Coder Radio 135

5 January 2015

Is the quality of Apple’s desktop and mobile software causing a slow bleeding of developers? Chris & Mike debate what developers will do over 2015. Plus we read some great follow up, feature a community project & more!

Fair And Balanced | Coder Radio 134

29 December 2014

Mike is fired up by a topic that has been on fire over all of 2014. Is it finally time to let the other 95% of great programmers in?

Best Of Coder Radio 2014 | Coder Radio 133

22 December 2014

We peer into the past of the show to pull out the amazing clips you guys suggested to us and fondly remember how funny it is to listen to Chris get trolled. Sit back, relax & enjoy the fun in this look back at best of Coder Radio!

Git your Pizza | Coder Radio 132

15 December 2014

It’s the birth of ab open source project on this week’s Coder Radio. Plus it’s an open mic edition & we discuss a range of topics from Microsoft’s big mobile strategy that nobody is noticing, the best Linux dev environment, setting expectations & more!

Dock Your Rocket | Coder Radio 131

8 December 2014

Has Docker’s wild success caused it grow too big & too corporate? In light of the CoreOS Rocket announcement we reflect on the problem both projects needs to solve. Plus our plans to involve community around building an API for Jupiter Broadcasting & more

Get Back to the '50s | Coder Radio 130

1 December 2014

That tech worker “shortage” Facebook and Microsoft keep telling you about is bogus. We’ll go over the study and reports that back that claim up. Then we dig into the rather understandable reasons why developers wages are being pushed down & more!

Google's Objective C | Coder Radio 129

24 November 2014

It’s a special roundtable edition of Coder Radio. Our panel discussed the advantages of Go development over PHP, creating a flat-file website with no database, and the real secret to finishing that last 10%. Plus google not using html5, iOS & more!

.NET’s Open Future | Coder Radio 128

17 November 2014

Microsoft made headlines and has generated a lot of buzz around the open sourcing of .NET. So what does the future hold & what changes now? Plus some great feedback, how to find a developer, what to expect to pay & much more!

The Gorilla in the Stack | Coder Radio 127

10 November 2014

Mike and Chris respond to feedback on lackluster HTML5 apps, then how developers can leverage social media to stay up to date & avoid drama. Then we blow apart the “Full Stack Developer” myth and the evolution of the term.

Back To The Future | Coder Radio 126

3 November 2014

Is the need to save money & time by developers forcing end users into less than acceptable application experiences? Have we all been oversold on HTML5? Plus getting into QA, a cloud based IDE, some great feedback & much more!

Behind the Schemes | Coder Radio 125

27 October 2014

Mike and Chris & discuss their thoughts about the state of Coder Radio, some ideas to mix it up & request your input. Then we cover a support chat between an Android dev & the Google Play Dev Support manager that gives us insight into the address debacle.

Underwhelming Apple | Coder Radio 124

20 October 2014

We have a bunch of great feedback that keeps getting interrupted by Chris and Mike jumping into deep discussion about vendor lock in, Apple’s new hardware, balancing work and life & much more!

Coder Inquisition | Coder Radio 123

13 October 2014

Mike and Chris battle wits to expose the ridiculous nature of arguing about technology on the Internet. Plus our take on working on open source in your spare time, an update on teaching students to code & a software pick that will make you hungry!

A Cult of Personality Tests | Coder Radio 122

6 October 2014

Mike and Chris discuss what to do when a client or employer requests you take a personality test. The reasons Microsoft is calling the next version of Windows 10, the recent cases of community going sour & the lessons learned for developers

Doxing Developers | Coder Radio 121

29 September 2014

Google is requiring debs to submit their physical address, and the Apple community has outed the manager behind the botched iOS 8.0.1 update. Are we seeing a dangerous threat or just a frantic response? Plus great questions, when to lawyer up & much more!

Xamarin Sham | Coder Radio 120

22 September 2014

Developers all over the web are chiming in on the short comings (or lack there of) of Xamarin’s tools. Have developers been sold a hope and a lie? Plus why Android continues to come in second for developers, your feedback & more!

Notch Escapes | Coder Radio 119

15 September 2014

Did Microsoft buying Mojang come around because Notch was burned out? Is the problem systemic to independent developers who just love to code? Plus we respond to your strong feedback regarding privacy & much more!

Privacy is a Myth | Coder Radio 118

8 September 2014

The debate over whose responsibility it is to protect your cloud data heats up, we discuss how to get your confidence back & some Vala feedback. Plus the recent Markdown drama, the systemd hater club & much more!

Fools Aren't Protected | Coder Radio 117

2 September 2014

We take live calls, and discuss why .Net rules a Linux Admins life, learning OOP. Then, in light of the recent celebrity photo hacks, do developers have a moral obligation to protect the uninformed public?

DOM Be Gone | Coder Radio 116

25 August 2014

Mike and Chris follow up on the TypeScript and JavaScript discussion from last week after a lot of you jumped to the defense of JavaScript. Plus we discuss why the phrase “work-life-balance” feels cheap & how each of us have to figure it out for ourselves

The Scripting Chronicles | Coder Radio 115

18 August 2014

Where does TypeScript fit in, and are the many criticisms lobbied at it legitimate? We discuss the state of scripting, and the new dark pragmatism that seems to be setting in. Plus picking your ideal client, package managers for Windows and Mac & more!

Contrarian Contracting | Coder Radio 114

11 August 2014

Mike and Chris share their perspective on successfully cultivating a contact development business, and the biggest gotchas that hurt the most. Plus hosting on your own vs shared services, a little Dart love & the Linux user who bought a Mac.

Corner of Shame | Coder Radio 113

8 August 2014

Mike and Chris record a bonus episode of Coder Radio for you this week. We discuss the possibility of Steam selling productivity apps for Desktop Linux, how could set the trend for future mobile apps, and thoughts about the Oculus Rift DK2.

The Xamarin Solution | Coder Radio 112

4 August 2014

Mike discusses what his business has noted after using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Plus we bust some myths, discuss use cases and advantages, the disadvantages. Plus you great feedback, some follow up and more!

Microsoft's Culture Anchor | Coder Radio 111

21 July 2014

Chris makes the case for splitting Microsoft up into a consumer and services split, and why that would be the best possible outcome for developers. Plus some great feedback, more on selling free software and more!

Manual Design | Coder Radio 110

14 July 2014

Have Interface designers led us down a false path? Mike discusses the shortcomings of some of our favorite tools, who is on the right track, and what the real solution seems to be. Plus some great feedback and Chris begins a new kind of challenge.

Go Big or Go Lean! | Coder Radio 109

7 July 2014

Mike reflects on his transition from dedicated developer to business management, what makes a business “big” vs “lean” and what the guys feel is a good fit for their goals. Plus when to cut yourself off from a pet coding project and more!

Materially Excited | Coder Radio 108

30 June 2014

Mike and Chris cover some great follow up on new hotness burnout. Then we discuss what impressed us and what tempers our excitement from Google I/O 2014. Plus why AndroidOne could be the Android of the future and a quick chat about Rust.

New Hotness Exhaustion | Coder Radio 107

23 June 2014

Mike ponders if we can trust ourselves to walk the line between comfort, laziness and experience? Plus you great feedback, a few more I/O thoughts and a framework you can take home to mom.

Bathroom Marketing | Coder Radio 106

16 June 2014

Our top 10 hopes from Google I/O 2014. Is this the year Google pushes developers on design, will Google+ take a backseat? Plus: The challenges facing openGL, why the Nexus program will die, coping with information overload & getting your confidence back.

The Problem with GitHub | Coder Radio 105

9 June 2014

Mike shares his experience moving from GitHub to a self hosted GitLab installation and the benefits his team realized after making the move. Plus we’ll take a look at the new Docker announcements, your feedback and some surprise followup!

Swift exit for Obj-C | Coder Radio 104

2 June 2014

Mike and Chris share their raw reactions from Apple’s WWDC Keynote, including Mike’s big concerns about Swift.

WWDC Predictions 2014 | Coder Radio 103

26 May 2014

Mike and Chris run down their predictions and hopes areas Apple might improve iOS, Mac hardware, and general ecosystem development during next week’s big keynote. Plus our thoughts on the state of Qt, re-thinking Linux’s market share, and more!

Has Microsoft Lost It's Mojo? | Coder Radio 102

19 May 2014

Mike and Chris discuss how, even when a laptop seems like the obvious choice, sometimes a desktop may be a better fit. Then, will the fate of Microsoft be slowly and embarrassingly slipping into irrelevance? And of course your feedback and much more!

Shields Up | Coder Radio 101

12 May 2014

It’s a day filled with war stories, we start off by sharing how things have blown up in our laps this morning, and cover your excellent feedback. Then - Chris shares his new gadget purchase, and how it’s making him re-think some of his firm opinions.

0×64 | Coder Radio 100

5 May 2014

Mike and Chris celebrate 100 weeks of Coder Radio by reading some great feedback, discussing new hardware choices, and why the future of desktop Linux is a little worrying.

Is That a Weave? | Coder Radio 99

28 April 2014

We double down on your follow up. Working remotely, scratching your itch while at your current job, why we missed Heartbleed, and the video that will make you never again complain about how hard something is.

Always Be Coding | Coder Radio 98

21 April 2014

Chris and Mike face the limitations of remote workers, and the challenges they’ve experienced. We take your live calls, and discuss the projects you're working on. Why you should write code every day, the hard numbers about mobile games, and more!

Open Source, Closed Wallets | Coder Radio 97

14 April 2014

The Heartbleed bug has ignited a new round of open source doubters, but are the renewed concerns about the open source development model unfounded? And what can be done to avoid catastrophes like this in the future? We discuss.

MS Gadget 2.0 | Coder Radio 96

7 April 2014

Microsoft shocks the developer community by open sourcing some of their crown .Net jewels. Mike and Chris discuss the ramifications for Java, and the overall strategy Microsoft could be shifting too.

The Blame Game | Coder Radio 95

31 March 2014

Are your projects cursed with knowledge of the present? Mike and Chris discuss the tendency to blame the last guy, and in some cases even scapegoat the absent. And why its only human to see all the mistakes of those who came before you.

Paranoid Android Developers | Coder Radio 94

24 March 2014

Android growth is exploding, and showing no signs of slowing down… So why are big players still avoiding the platform? We’ll challenge some common misconceptions on why developers avoid Android.

Ruby off the Rails | Coder Radio 93

17 March 2014

The Rails community was blasted by a distinguished, and disgruntled member. But does his criticism hold up? And is there a larger problem at play here? Plus our thoughts on Amazon’s rumored new console, and a great batch of your feedback!

Persona Non Grata | Coder Radio 92

10 March 2014

We embrace Daylight saving time with a special call-in edition of Coder Radio. We discuss DRM, feedback, Mozilla’s Persona being put out to pasture and much more!

Your Database is Slow | Coder Radio 91

3 March 2014

Oren Eini from Hibernating Rhinos joins us to discuss their “second generation” document database written in .NET. We have an insightful conversation about RavenDB, a flexible data model designed to address requirements coming from real-world systems.

Get Yourself Tested | Coder Radio 90

24 February 2014

Florian Motlik from Codeship joins us to discuss how Codeship’s hosted continuous integration and continuous deployment platform is bringing much needed relief.

The Cost of Comments | Coder Radio 89

17 February 2014

Responding to criticism for an open source project, or a closed commercial project can be a very tricky things. Mike and Chris share their thoughts on how you can properly set expectations and respond to negative feedback.

Paper Cuts Deep | Coder Radio 88

10 February 2014

Mike and Chris use the recent drama around Paper and Flappy Bird to have a wider discussion about the forces against Indie developers. And our reactions to the CEO change at Microsoft. Plus some great feedback, and more!

Waning Windows | Coder Radio 87

3 February 2014

Mike and Chris address a number of topics this week, from open source project’s properly communicating with the media, Google selling Motorola to Lenovo, and a debate about Microsoft’s rumored CEO choice. Plus your feedback, and more!

Myth of Magic Methodology | Coder Radio 86

27 January 2014

Is the concept of a one sized fits all methodology getting tired? We revisit Agile in the dynamic client/developer relationship. Then how opening up your development plans to the community, even for commercial software, can be full of benefits & drawbacks

Backend Lockin | Coder Radio 85

20 January 2014

Back-end services are really helping developers focus on their core competency, but how quickly will you need to go outside the box? What about vendor lock-in? Plus: A ton of great feedback, resisting the urge to hate change, and much more.

Ops vs Dev | Coder Radio 84

13 January 2014

The classic battle flairs up this week, and the guys discuss how an over controlling sysadmin can slow down an important project, and why that problem seems to be so much worse in business.

It’s Java’s Year | Coder Radio 83

6 January 2014

We’ll bust some java myths with Mark Heckler, a software engineer at Oracle. Plus the status of Duke, java on embedded systems, and what the future holds. Plus your feedback and some of Mike’s 2014 bets.

Coding Transitions | Coder Radio 82

30 December 2013

With a little reflection on the years big moments, the guys look ahead to 2014. We’ll debate what’s going to be the big stories of 2014 for developers, and the tech industry at large.

The Freelancer Dilemma | Coder Radio 81

23 December 2013

The guys take some calls and discuss a wide range of great topics. From workspace setups, developer hardware, C vs C++, and the real problems facing contract programmers. Plus a batch of your feedback, the best editor ever (for Windows), and more!

The SteamOS Conspiracy | Coder Radio 80

16 December 2013

Early builds of SteamOS have landed, and we wonder what the larger implications are. Plus our thoughts on Microsoft's clear challenges, the problem with Qt Creator, and betting on the future.

Two French Presses | Coder Radio 79

9 December 2013

After discussing our caffeine regimes, we take a crack at getting Q&A right. We’ll share some personal experiences with Q&A gone wrong, and our tips for fixing it. Plus a look back at one of the giant’s shoulders developers stand on today.

Code Your Enthusiasm | Coder Radio 78

2 December 2013

It’s a mailbag special with a hidden message. Mike and Chris discuss burnout a bit more, the pitfalls of bad Q&A, automated UI testing, and the open source projects we’re thankful for this year.

The Big Xbone | Coder Radio 77

25 November 2013

Is the Xbox One the next big App platform? We’ll share theories. Plus where to books fit in for self education? Are they too slow, or is there a place for the printed medium in a rapidly developing industry?

Burned by Agile | Coder Radio 76

18 November 2013

Burnout kills your productivity, creativity, and ability to get things done. The worst part? It can sneak up in different ways. Mike and Chris share how to recognize burnout, a quick fix to get you through, and their personal long term fixes.

Deploying the Haterade | Coder Radio 75

11 November 2013

A recent snafu has left Mike in a bit of a bind with a client, and technical glitches nearly threatened to toss Chris out on the side of the road.

Justifying Java | Coder Radio 74

4 November 2013

After discussing recent hardware gadget purchases, and why, the guys jump into the case of Java. Mike’s ready to justify his love, for Java. Plus a little dev world hoopla, your feedback, and more!

Baby Got Backend | Coder Radio 73

28 October 2013

From backups to deployment, we go back to the backend! The new solutions giving us the opportunity to reconsider the infrastructure around our projects. Plus gearing up for 64bit development, and much more.

Relatively Laid Out | Coder Radio 72

21 October 2013

With big Google and Apple events on the horizon we look at how Google’s early investment in relative UI layouts will be paying dividends in Android 4.4 KitKat. Plus: Your emails, our php follow up, a few near-term predictions, and even an RMS rap.

Betting on Linux | Coder Radio 71

14 October 2013

When targeting Linux, developers have to face some tough choices. Mike’s spent a year planning his move and discusses the opportunity and the risk of supporting Linux, how much effort should be put into targeting Ubuntu.

Toolchain Transitions | Coder Radio 70

7 October 2013

Mike’s making some big changes to his workflow, and sharing the tools in his box. We’ll look at the transition to Ubuntu Linux for Mike and his dev team, and the productivity advantages they see.

With Apologies to Texas | Coder Radio 69

30 September 2013

Mike and Chris chew on the major problems patent trolls are creating for small and large development shops. Then it’s a race to the bottom for software prices, and the guys have a few theories on what, if anything, developers can do to carve out a living

ASP.Magic | Coder Radio 68

23 September 2013

Mike discusses the culture clash between the ASP.Net framework diehards, and the recent converts.

Blazing 7 | Coder Radio 67

16 September 2013

iOS 7 is landing and Mike and Chris discuss what’s in store for developers, and the real reason to put a 64bit CPU in a cell phone. Plus the core of what’s wrong with Microsoft, practicing security from the start, your emails and more!

Docker All The Things | Coder Radio 66

9 September 2013

We’re joined by two gentlemen from dotCloud, the folks behind Docker. We chat about what Docker is best at, how far out the 1.0 release is, the projects use of Go, the future of Docker, and much more.

Love’s Labor Lost | Coder Radio 65

2 September 2013

It’s a Monday holiday episode of the Coder Radio show, so we opened up the Skype lines and officially declare this episode a grab bag of topics! From the death of JavaScript to Android vs iOS we touch on a list of favorite topics.

Bye Bye Ballmer | Coder Radio 64

26 August 2013

Steve Ballmer’s legacy at Microsoft is controversial. We look over the long list of big and quiet successes and failures under his watch as CEO. Plus what we think the big problem facing Microsoft is going to be long term.

Mozilla Persona | Coder Radio 63

19 August 2013

We chat with Dan at the Mozilla about his work on the Persona project, and how Mozilla offers developers a neutral platform for effective authentication. Plus our thoughts on what’s troubling the Ubuntu Edge project.

FizzBuzzed! | Coder Radio 62

12 August 2013

Hiring can be a real pain in the butt. The guys share the horror stories from interviews they’ve conducted that went horribly wrong. Plus a few tips for getting a gig. Then the guys chew on the dev hoopla of the week, and read some great emails.

Office Hours | Coder Radio 61

5 August 2013

Mike and Chris bare it all on their classic work/life balance struggles. Dealing with the unique circumstances of working at home, why it’s not the dream 9-to-5 types picture. Plus your feedback, a few follow ups and much more!

Call In 2.0 | Coder Radio 60

29 July 2013

Celebrating 60 episodes we take live calls from our audience and chat about the topics are their minds. Then we follow up on the indie developer Xbox One situation, read your feedback, and more!

Sour Apple | Coder Radio 59

22 July 2013

A compromise at Apple turns Mike’s week upside down. Reeling from the setback we dig into Mike’s concerns with Canonical’s crowd sourced Ubuntu Edge phone.

The 56k Solution | Coder Radio 58

15 July 2013

Data protection in the cloud can mean a lot of different things. But what about in the context of software development? The guys tackle that question, and cover a great batch of your feedback.

The Dev Jungle | Coder Radio 57

8 July 2013

The guys bust some myths around outsourcing, and insourcing development work. Striking a balance when trying to codify better practices in the workplace, sticking with good old tech for bad reasons… Plus a big batch of your feedback!

Microsoft’s in a Funk | Coder Radio 56

1 July 2013

Stinging from a Build conference hangover, the guys focus on their current disappoints with Microsoft. Then Mike gets a new OYUA box and has a few surprises, plus your emails, and more!

Software Exorcism | Coder Radio 55

24 June 2013

Even when you know better, you sometimes find yourself contributing to the problem, just to get the job done. This week the guys bare it all and discuss how they’ve ended up making things worse when they were hired to make it all better.